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The Best Fit For Snugbe Silicone Baking Mat

 We had some questions regarding the size of the silicone baking mat. You don’t need to find a baking tray with exactly the same dimensions as the mat (40×30 cm). The important thing is to find a tray which is at least 1.5 cm deep and similar dimensions, for example 39×27 cm. You can bend the edges and the mat will fit perfectly well. Try to put the mat in your grill tray/dripping pan (that usually comes with a new oven). See the image below:

grill tray with Snugbe mat


Instructions For Use & Care Of Snugbe Silicone baking mat

Keeping your Snugbe silicone baking mat in good condition is the key to enjoying this product for years! Please follow the instructions written here

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