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Tips & Ideas For Using Snugbe Gifts

We want you to fully enjoy the benefits our Snugbe products are meant to give you. The tips and ideas come from our own experience and from the feedback we received from our customers. We appreciate all feedback you can give us – please write an objective product review on Amazon.co.uk – so we can improve our products and services!

How To Use Snugbe Luxury Travel Pillow For Your Full Satisfaction

ISP_1036Here you’ll find out how to insert the pillow so you can sleep comfortably in an up-right seat position (without something to lean on). You’ll also learn how to hide the Velcro strap so it doesn’t get tangled in your hair. Click here to get tips & ideas



How To Use Snugbe Money Belt To Safeguard Your Valuables

ISP_0986It’s really easy to use this travel belt but some people are used to another type of straps and buckles. That’s why we prepared a video where you can see how to adjust the strap. We also give useful tips so you’ll never end up without any back up in a foreign country.  Click here to get tips & ideas.


How To Get The Best Out Of Snugbe Silicone Ice Ball Moulds

Here you’ll find an instructional video for making basic ice balls. You’ll also find out that Snugbe silicone ice ball moulds aren’t only for making ice spheres. There are many ways of using these moulds. We hope you’ll find some of our ideas inspiring and useful. Click here to get tips & ideas


How To Use and Take Care Of Your Snugbe Baking Mat

Snugbe Silicone Baking Mat 6There are many ways of using Snugbe silicone baking mat and we offer you to take on all the different possibilities. You’ll also find out how to take best care of your baking mat – so it’ll last for many happy baking years! Click here to get tips & ideas.