Stand Tall And Breathe!

If you are aware of the body-mind connection you won’t be surprised when I tell you that correcting posture and breathing can change your life in a profound way. This is something so simple that the majority of people overlook. After all, we’ve been programmed to dismiss simple solutions for our well-being!

I admit that even my mind has been manipulated into believing that small changes cannot deliver big results. I’ve been studying, practising and even teaching personal development for years. I also joined yoga classes, Pilates, Tai-Chi – you name it. Yes, I liked the effects of it on my health and well-being. However, I haven’t taken full advantage of the healing power of these practices.

The big realisation came to me just a few months ago when I joined a very special yoga class in the village I moved to. Our yoga teacher emphasises 1) breathing 2) posture 3) hip-openers. Also, she’s very clear about the possibilities and limitations of each individual body and her mantra is:”Listen to your body and breathe!”

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 4 months. The results are amazing! What happened to me is that I released the stored stress and trauma from my hips, which helped me to straighten my posture, improve my breathing – which helped me to feel full of energy and therefore think clearly! What happened? I  simply re-connected with my natural state and experienced the long-forgotten deep peace. Here’s what experts say about the process:


Because the psoas is so intimately involved in such basic physical and emotional reactions, a chronically tightened psoas continually signals your body that you’re in danger, eventually exhausting the adrenal glands and depleting the immune system. As you learn to approach the world without this chronic tension, psoas awareness can open the door to a more sensitive attunement to your body’s inner signals about safety and danger, and to a greater sense of inner peace. – Liz Koch, Author of The Psoas Book

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Yoga and Personal Practice

The best doctor is already within you. There is no replacement for cultivating a practice that heals, replenishes, and relaxes you from the in-side, out. There are numerous yoga poses that can help you on your journey of releasing this stress, anxiety, and fear stored within your psoas. Yoga calls this “the muscle of the soul” so any focus here is sure to give great results to your overall well-being. Yoga International seems to have a comprehensive list of photos and descriptions of poses that can start you on your journey.


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Kate Barbour comes originally from Czechoslovakia. She lives in Scotland with her husband Bill. Kate is also a singer and author of a book with a title "On The Wings Of Voice".
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