Snug Living Practice No 1: Taking It Easy – Simply Being


At the end our article Snug Living we mention Nine Snug Living Practices that we are trying to follow to make our lives snug or snugger. Today’s blog is dedicated to the first practice: Taking It Easy – Simply Being.

Taking it easy isn’t really about lying in front of a TV set or checking Facebook. It means most of all to ease into “just being” and becoming aware of  the body, the thoughts and feelings. For many busy people this could be very hard to achieve. But it can be practised while walking the dog, or while taking a break for a cup of tea or coffee.

Simply being is just another expression for what many like to call mindfulness. Unfortunately the word itself is a bit misleading because it supposed to describe the awareness of the present moment and a calm, empty mind. There are many books written on mindfulness and there are many different ways of applying it. But you can start right here and right now to practice just “simple being”. Kim describes it in simple words:

By living in the present moment and accepting things for the way they are you free your mind from the trappings of overthinking the past or the future – remember, the things that have gone before cannot be changed and the things that are still to come are only affected by what you do now.

Living mindfully is and important practice for anyone who wants to improve their health, it can help alleviate stress and depression by improving your outlook on life, encouraging a focus on the now rather than panicking about the unchangeable. It can even improve the strength of your immune system just by reducing your stress levels.

Many of you have already started switching off and clicking away to something else because you think I’m going to start preaching the benefits of meditation, yoga and veganism or something but that’s not where this is going. There are more ways than meditation to practice being mindful, you can do it anywhere at any point in time, it just takes you to be self-aware – yes you can meditate, and doing so does have it’s own benefits but you can do more…

So you see, you don’t need to join a yoga class (though it’s really beneficial) or learn a special meditation technique. There are many ways to skin the cat as well as many ways to enjoy the positive effects of taking it easy!

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Kate Barbour comes originally from Czechoslovakia. She lives in Scotland with her husband Bill. Kate is also a singer and author of a book with a title "On The Wings Of Voice".
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