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SNUG Living: Growing By Choice

Life Is About Growing

Life is about growing. The first part is about growing up physically, the second part is about growing our responsibilities (family, career, etc.) and in that process becoming more of who we really are – which is all your growth potential. Theoretically, of course.

In reality, life becomes often something else than what we had in mind. There are huge challenges and obstacles in our environment we struggle with; there are losses, betrayals that pull us down. Therefore, our focus is mainly on survival, of course. We do everything in our power to go through it. If we do, we become stronger – because we have grown. If not – we get stuck.

In the first case – we were forced by life to grow. In the second case, we still have a choice to get unstuck because one lost game doesn’t mean all game lost! We can get unstuck easily by choosing the right goals that will help us move on. The only condition is to keep believing in ourselves.

The real purpose of setting up our new goals is to transform our pain into gain. (Not taking the red pill, please!) The well-known motivational speaker Bob Proctor expressed it very well:

Goals are not to get. Goals are to grow. Getting them is a side benefit. You have to grow to move towards your goals. If they are BIG enough to take you outside your present paradigm and comfort zone!

Being SNUG Helps The Growth

As in the garden, it all starts with a seed: an idea, a vision, a dream. “Being SNUG” helps the growth. It’s about creating a quiet SPACE, focusing on the NOW and finding UNITY with our inner being at the present moment. The first thing “to do” to be able “to be” is relaxing the body. Relaxation itself is the way to reduce stress and support the body’s self-healing mechanism. (If you cannot relax your body, start doing something physical that helps you relax your mind first: walking, running, crochet, singing, yoga etc.)

Now we are ready to GROW the seeds of consciousness (= ideas, visions and dreams) that come from our heart, from our being – not from the intellect or the outside world.  The growing process is usually quite easy because it happens automatically. What’s really very difficult is getting rid of the weeds: our FEARS! Practicing relaxation is the first stage of dissolving negativity = fear.

The Vicious Circle Of Fear And Pain

Let’s play with the letters S N U G to demonstrate the process when fear and pain are in charge. (This is again a simplified model to point out some common-sense observations.) Speed caused by a Need-driven Unconscious Urgency leads to  Greed/Fear. When our decision-making is driven by need – the process is usually speedy. As we are in a state of unconscious urgency (we don’t know the cause) we search for a quick fix. Then we are easily tricked into buying a solution that might satisfy the need for a while but causes more problems down the road. That’s why it’s so easy to get stuck in an endless loop. Everybody does it in some areas of her/his life. However, there is always a way out – the problem is that we don’t see it!

Getting Out Of The Loop Of Need And Fear

So, we can stay in the loop all life or we can get out of it. This is, of course, just a simplified model but it helps us to focus on the real solution instead of the quick fix – which creates more problems down the road. We can play with words and letters SNUG again to clarify the process of getting out of the loop:

low down and take control of the Need so you can find the root cause and make the Unconscious conscious; then you Gain energy that can be turned into growth. (In a hostile environment the extra energy helps to survive.) Needless to say,  in most cases, we have to ask for help and do lots of learning in order to uncover the root cause of our pain, need, addiction or behavior.

SNUG Living Is About Growing By Choice

By exploring who we are at the core of our being we can all avoid lots of pain. (But that’s part of the learning through “no pain no gain” process.)  To do so we have to create a Space in the Now where we can Unite with who we are (being completely ourselves) and Grow naturally. It’s a simple truth that when we really know what we want (when our heart is in it) we are also willing to put lots of energy in it and we get into a flow (the opposite of struggle). Letting go of control is vital if we want to grow naturally, at our own pace, and harvest some byproducts of growth: joy and inner peace.

SNUG Living Practice: Defeating Fear

In spite of the undeniable fact that our modern society is driven by Fear and Greed, we have the choice to a) get out of our negative loops b) to start growing by choice at any time. To do so we need to face our own fears and stop lying to ourselves. It is tough, more than tough! But we are here to inspire you, to give you encouragement and quality information that might help you to find the root cause of your problem. Life is a gift and that’s why we want to share it!