Crochet Is Trending In 2017 Because It Is Snug!

In English “crochet” is both a noun and a verb. The name is derived from the French term “crochet”, meaning small hook, but the true origin of the word goes way back to the Old Norse language.  For me crochet is a memory from primary school and a long Summer holidays when I was spending hours on my little crochet project. But that’s where my crochet adventure stopped as I had too many other interests involving the activity of  the fingertips. Namely piano, guitar and writing. However, I adore the masterpieces of my friend Dagmar and wish I could play the piano as well as she can do crochet!

Besides I think that crocheted clothes and accessories look fantastic on every woman regardless her age. Of course, the colours need to be chosen carefully but otherwise it’s a winner! Maybe the amount of love and care that has been put into it radiate positive energy. Maybe it’s because the material is natural and soft. I am definitely biased because of my romantic nature and passion for everything that is naturally beautiful!

Also, I have heard and read stories about women who suffered some major losses or went through a very stressful situation, that knitting or crochet saved their lives. There has been a lot’s of research done in this subject and evidence was found to confirm the positive effects of this particular craft:

“Psychiatrist Teresa Anderson, who practices in Cincinnati, Ohio, recommends knitting and crochet to patients suffering from PTSD, anxiety and major depression. A knitter and crocheter herself, she’s been urging patients to stitch since medical school. “People recommend meditation, which is nice in theory, but some people are so worked up they can’t sit still long enough to meditate,” she says. “Knitting is what I consider an active meditation, something you can do and focus on, but it has a repetitive quality to it.”

Apart from the wonderful effects crochet and knitting have on our brains there is another aspect of this wholesome activity: creativity. Though many people claim they aren’t creative I don’t believe it. I found out just from observing other people that lot’s of adults and children suffer from mental blockages and cannot find their channel for expressing their unique creativity.

So artists and designers aren’t some supermen and women, but individuals who had the opportunity to develop their creativity to a high level. They deserve success because they bring more beauty and positive energy to others. Also, they spent hours and hours to learn and develop a skill that cannot be replaced by a robot. There are at least two things that I believe computers won’t be ever able to achieve:  compassion and creativity!

Today I would like to show the work of my friend Dagmar. Her crocheted tops make me feel beautiful just by looking at them:


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Kate Barbour comes originally from Czechoslovakia. She lives in Scotland with her husband Bill. Kate is also a singer and author of a book with a title "On The Wings Of Voice".
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