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About Snugbe

Kate & Bill Barbour

Kate & Bill Barbour

Snugbe Ltd is a family, lifestyle business incorporated in February 2014 by Bill and Kate Barbour.  The core idea of Snugbe® is to inspire, entertain, and educate people to imagine the benefits they may enjoy from “snug living”.  It sells small, simple, lightweight gifts that help people experience or maintain “snug living.”

Our Story

Our “snug living” experience started way back in Sweden when we lived in a wooden cottage with an open fire beside a lake next to a forest.  Please, read Our Story here.  “Hygge” living as described by Danes is quite similar to “snug living” in our language.  We developed our own version of “hygge” and we believe you can do too, if you so desire! You can read more about the “snug living” here.

Snug Living Gifts

“Snug living gifts” are closely linked to the simple, snug lifestyle.  These gifts are meant to warm peoples’ hearts, remind them about slowing down and enjoying the moments of pure “being”, while letting go of endless “doing.”  Some of the gifts are more practical while others are designed purely for promoting feelings of snugness.  

We’ve created gift categories to help snug seekers quickly find gifts for their snug living.  You can read more about the gifts on the Snug Living page.  If you are a retailer and would like to place a bulk order, please contact us via our contact form here.

Our Online Stores

We have recently opened our new eShop on http://snugbegifts.com where you can enjoy our gift collections that will be growing continuously. We want you to enjoy the process of looking for gifts for your loved ones or for yourself. Our new store makes shopping online a more personal experience and aiming to minimise the gap between physical and visual experience.

We also sell our gifts on Amazon.co.uk and on other European Amazon websites.  We chose Amazon as a selling channel because of the logistic system and customer support that Amazon provides. You can visit our Amazon store here.

We wish you many simple, snug living moments every day!

Kate & Bill Barbour